Generation - V Manufacturing

Generation - V - Manufacturing

In the last 10 years, GAD has sought to be 'THE' leaders in design and manufacturing of model aircraft, from the humble beginings with only a CNC Wire cutter,  and two  people working on creating new and inventive aircraft. From there we can now offer the most cutting edge technology to you the modeller, sign-maker or craftsman! If you want a few laser cut parts, a wire cut wing  or a complete kit, boxed, with instructions, labeled and shrunk ready for the shops we can do that too!

CAD Services:

GAD have extensive knowledge of  2D & 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD), with many CAD programs available to us.

With software like TurboCAD Pro, Auto-CAD we can produce almost any type of 2D part that you can wish for. A good example of this would be Laser cut wing ribs, or fuselage formers.

As some of you know, we own REPLIKIT, and as such have re-created over 300 kits from the 1940`s right up to today, using both 2D  (TurboCAD) and 3D CAD. For the later date models, using 3D was the way forward. This way we can build the model in theory and make sure all the parts fit together before we go any where near the machines.

We use Solidworks, Solidworks being the industry standard. Using SW we can also create all the moulds for the canopies, cowls and sundries we VAC form. Passing this information straight from  3D CAD to 5 axis mill, 4 axis mill, 2,5D mill, Wire or Laser cutters.

Below you can see an idea for an 'Own' design to model for one of our customers.

Drawing of ideareprsentation3D model Machined ready for glassing.

The advantage of using our CAD services is that, over the years, we have learnt how to design parts quickly and efficiently, but most importantly, how to apply CAD to a design, and make parts manufacturable, at a cost that all can afford.

Other software that we use, Corel Draw, Corel Paint,, Turbo Cad, AutoCad & ALL of the Adobe range for box tops, artwork & finishing. For those who need a complete design from CAD to Box! 

Basic CAD Costings.

£35.00 per hour, per designer (we rarely need to use more than one designer), with a minimum of 1/2 hour being charged. (basically it takes about 1/2 hour to get the concept drawn and then converted to a format which can be manufactured (2D))

Of course, if you have a large project you wish to undertake, we can negotiate to a daily rate, and the use of more than one designer. Please don't hesitate to ask!

2D & 3D Machining:

With the introduction of Gen-V manufacturing and the amalgamation with another company to further our production abilities, 3d machining is now a reality.

As we move from the GEN-III part built up to GEN-V you now ge, or we can produce for your essentially a large Airfix style kit.

From the 3D CAD created, going stright to a machined solid is very easy.

See below for examples of GEN-V manufacturing.

Laser Cutting:

 In the early days we used to route all our parts, but found that this was very good on plys, but balsa and depron, deos'nt leave a very nice edge. So we purchased a small'ish 900 x 500mm Laser cutter and learned the process of producing small parts from wood, plastics and most organics.

Now with 3 Laser cutters with bed sizes from the aforementioned 900 x 500 to 1400 x 800mm, allowing us to cut woods, plastics and most organics.

Now we have the facility to Laser cut metals, aluminium, steel, brass, bronze etc.......

Please let us know if you need this service.

Materials we can cut well:

Balsa, from 1/64" (0.4mm)  right up to 1/2" (13mm) cleanly and UN-CHARED. (we can cut greater than 1/2" but not very nicely)

Birch ply, from 1/64" (0.4mm)  right up to 1/8" (3.2mm) cleanly and UN-CHARED. 1/4" is possible but we are looking for a 'Butter-scotch' cut with is light golden brown, NOT blackened.

Lite ply, from 0.5mm to 6.35mm, nicely (lite/poplar ply quality depending) as some lite plys have an awful resin, not condusive to laser cutting. (Poplar ply is awsome though!

Foams, Depron, XPS or EPP, from waffer to 15mm well, with NO charing of any kind.

Plastics, styrene, acrylics, vinyl, HIPS, PETG up to a thickness of 12mm well

We have even etched a photo onto granite as an epitaph.

Some examples of what we do every day:

Basic Laser Cutter Costings.

£35.00 per hour, with operator, with a minimum of 1/2 hour being charged. (basically it takes about 1/2 hour to get which ever machine set up, files copied across, do test runs to make sure you get the highest possible quality. (Once the machine is set up its runs VERY quickly, up to 52 meters a minute, material depending)

Wood and Depron are cut on a per minute cost basis in the machine (this most often works out the most economical way for the customer)

Of course, if you have a large project you wish to undertake, we can negotiate to a daily rate or if you are wishing to, we can do a  'per part' rate. No job too small or too big!


Or as some of the UK`s biggest designers require, complete OEM Manufacturing. Your name on the box but parts we make in side! So  please don't hesitate to ask!

Generally if its Laser Cut and British, its probably our work inside the box!

All costs are PLUS materials.


CNC Wire Cutting:

 Wire cutting, well this is a fast and econimical way of producing those replacement wings or creating a complete kit from scratch (see GEN-III models on our front page).


EPS or Expanded Poly-Styrene as its better known. (the white stuff that gets everwhere when hacking it about!) 100mm stocked.

XPS or Extruded Poly-Styrene, We have 50mm to 100mm thicknesses in stock at all times

EPP or Expanded Poly-Propolene, We always carry 100mm block in stock. for fun flies or similar!

We can produce for you most complex shapes from wings to full interlocking parts.

Parts shown is a centre section of our 250mm diameter VC-10 fuselage:


Limitations of our CNC wire cutter:

Max width 1200mm, but can cut in mutiple panels up to 20m.

Max height 450mm.

Max depth 900mm

Basic CNC Wire Cutter Costings.

£35.00 per hour, with operator, with a minimum of 1/2 hour being charged. (basically it takes about 1/2 hour to get which ever machine set up, files copied across, do test runs, again once though, once set up it does cut very quickly).

Addendum: if its an off the shelf design or  simple panel wing, costings are much less as all the CAD and setups are done. Please enquire!

All prices are PLUS materials


Vac Forming:

Apart from holding over 300 moulds in stock, ranging from small jets, to warbirds. From large jets to large sports, (enquire if you have a design or model under way as we may have something that suits your model already!) 

We do bespoke Vacs, to your requirements from a number of materials, HIPS & PETG to name a couple of the most popular. With 2 automatic machines we can make you ones and two`s, or runs of 100`s if required.

To save you money, supply us with a mould ready to be pulled, we will quote you on what you send us and the amount of vacs you require. Once you are happy we will ship back to you your original mould and the vacs you require.

We can of course create the mould from the ground up and Vac what you need from that.

Vacs shown, GEN-III Lancaster canopies, pulled in PETG (clear):


470mm x 330mm platten size

100mm depth

We can vac from 0.25mm up to 3mm HIPS & PETG (PET)

Basic VAC forming costs:

To quote you, we need to know your requirements for that indivual need. So please contact us!

Decals & hardware:

As you are no doubt aware we manufacture all of our own kits in house. To complete this job you will need decals of some kind to finish that job off.

We can design and produce an array of decal types from water slide to sticky back vinyl.

As our decals are done bespoke to your requirement you can have any size up to A3 sheet.

all our decals are laser printed so there is no fear of them degrading if they get wet or covered in fuel.

And to finish that design/model or OEM job off we carry 1000`s of hardware items.

Wire (most sizes), brass tube (most sizes), wheels, control horns, snakes, hinges, wood of all sizes from small balsa strip right up to thick hard woods, rubber, tissues, just to name a few of the things.....


To complete the picture we can even put all this in a designer box, label it and shrink wrap up so that the elements can not affect your product.

So if you want OEM, completed product or just some help......were here to help.


Basically we have all the tools and expertise, if you can think it, we can make it!

Give us a call today  on 08432 899205 or email info AT




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