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  1. GAD/EJC Subject Sigma V2.1 (upated firmware)

    GAD/EJC Subject Sigma V2.0 Pro Level Gear and LED sequencer


    Unit comes with:-

    2 x Hyperbright Nav LED modules

    2 x Hyperbright Nav Landing Lights LED modules

    2 x Hyperbright Strobe LED modules

    1 x Hyperbright Rotating LED module

    2 x Hyperbright Adjustable Afterburner ring lights

    1 x JST connector for the 3s cells input to lights

    4 x Double ended Sigma to Rx cables

    Turn your 6 or 7ch Tx into a 14ch Tx with only 2 or 3 switches to control up to 9 LED channels (7 nominal 2 jumperable) & up to 9 Servo channels (7 nominal 2 jumperable)

    To be clear, you can have 9 on LED and 7 on servos OR 7 on LEDs and 9 on servos, the 2 jumperable channels can only work for LEDS OR SERVOS, not both, so you still have 14 added Sigma channels in use at any one time.

    NOTES FOR USE (What aircraft can i use this unit on???)

    Here we have 3 examples of what aircraft we have fitted it to!

    1: Our new DC-3 (60" model) - Sigma set to default (out of the box with no adjustments) model Warbird (prop/warbird).

          Retracts set to mode 2 (seperated, for that delayed and deployment and retraction, real-feel)

          Navs, rotating lights, No strobe (not befitting of the aircrafts age), no engine lights used (to complex at that size) & landing lights

          Aux channnels - Servo slow selected to actuate the tow release cable when used as a tug (quite regularly)

          6 channel mode selected (as used on a 7ch Tx) so that we have another spare channel for flaps

    2: Our up and coming TSR-2 90mm EDF - Sigma set to default EDF mode

        Retracts set to mode 3, doors open, gear down (seperated and timed) 2 set of doors close (nose doors and main secondary doors remain open)

        Gear up - all closed then open, gear goes up (seperated again and timed) , all doors close

        Dual Nav lights (flashing - mode 2), 2 x rotating lights, landing lights are switch selectable(not auto, as is 6ch mode where they come on as the gear goes down)

        2 x Afterburner rings

        Aux channels Servo slow selected for airbrakes.

       7 channel mode used

    3: Mish Mash - We used a combination of settings on a Avonds Turbine F-15

        Mode - 2 retracts (doors open, gear down, doors closed - doors open, gear out, doors closed) on 'air valve' setting(no sweep, just end to end instantly)

       All the LED channels inc 2  x Hyperbright Afterburner rings (bespoke made with 160 LEDS)

       Aux channel set to ABS (Anti-lock breaking) on 'air valve setting'

       Servo rail jumper pulled to isolate the Sigma from the rest of the radio (turbine model using higher voltage than 5v - added safety feature)

    It is also worth noting that as you have 4 model memories, the gear position is memorised, so as long as you select the model associated to the aircraft you are flying all the setting are saved, but more importantly, where your gear was set last time you used it, (this stops you switch on the model and it throwing itself on the floor because you have the gear switch in the wrong place!      ANOTHER ADDED SAFETY FEATURE!!!

    Please visit our FORUM , by clicking :-  HERE

    All the information including pictures and videos are in that thread, as there is FAR too much to list in its entirety here.

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