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  1. Gloster Meteor Twin 68/70mm EDF 1.2m span V3 - Updated Kit Gen-V



    GEN-V  FOR TWIN 64/70's

    This kit incorperates the NEW GAD 'Quikbuild' Technology for manufacturing, making all the complex parts CNC Cut so assembly is required but not much sanding, to complete!

    46" span AUW 65oz

    You can find the build thread HERE

    Learn More
  2. Viper X-10 V3.0 FPV/UAV Flying Wing 3m Updated



    Introducing our Second revision Gen-V FPV/UAV Aircraft, NOW UPDATED

    3.00m Flying Wing.

    Breaks down to 3 pieces of 900mm (Max)

    Payload 3.5kg


    2 x 16g+ Digital Metal geared servos

    5550 430kv Motor or equivalent (able to turn a 16 x 10 prop, payload dependent)

    100A+ ESC (gives a safe margin)

    5 - 6s cells (motor dependent)


    5A 6V UBEC

    You can see a customer build HERE:

    Learn More
  3. English Electric Canberra PR-9 Twin 70mm EDF 1.7m span Gen-V

    Rc EDF English Electric Canberra PR-9 For Twin 68mm -70mm EDF units Featuring our GAD GEN-V build. Makes a beautiful, easy to fly British legend. Learn More
  4. Avro VulcanTwin 70mm EDF V-2 1.5m span


    Avro Vulcan for Twin EDF.

    Protos built around the 68/70mm AEO/GWS brushless type.

    GEN-V FOR TWIN 68/ 70's

    59" Span

    49" Length

    AUW 48oz 3/4s 3000s to 4200`s required x 2. 2 x 9/16g servos required 1 x 9g+ for rudder. required 2 x 64mm EDF's also required with suitable Esc`s

    Learn More
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